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Are you searching for more; desperately desiring to bring something fresh, tangible and unforgettable to encourage and inspire your organization? Well, look no further! Our team is and available to help you!

Our vision is comprised of an organized and emerging consortium of panelists equipped and impassioned to motivate individuals, from all walks of life, through potently-loaded presentations and forums which we are able to tailor to meet your organization's needs.

 We are constantly birthing new ideas—evolving and fueled with inextinguishable excitement to touch someone's reality with hopes of positively influencing their destiny. Those who have experienced the strength, camaraderie and single mindedness of our events can firmly assert that each one is undeniably different and indisputably impacting.

 If it's financial strategies and planning, we have it. If it's health and wholeness, we have it. If it's arts and expression, inspiration and motivation, we have it! Contact us today to learn more. It will our privilege to bring to you what we do best.




In August 2001 we were formed under the name of Purpose Ministries; later redefining our brand to what is now more widely known as SIS Nation, a subsidiary of our larger construct, Born4Purpose.


The mission, through our dais, is to impact lives positively by uniting women of all ethnicities, statuses, professions, ages, and religious viewpoints via inspirational, motivational, and informational formats; thereby helping them to grow spiritually, socially, intellectually, and financially. 


Our passion is helping to raise a woman's conscious as well as confidence level in an effort to help her live her best life!


The varied temptations and inescapable challenges that confront our youth today are dangerously inviting and life altering at best, with most of their influence being driven by the media and social networks! As such, we are losing youth at alarming rates to gangs, gun violence, drugs, alcohol, bullying, sexual promiscuity, peer pressure and suicide.


The task is great! Yet the passion to reach—to positively impact one young person at a time by steering them in the direction of wholesomeness with the hope that happiness and assenting dream fulfillment is embraced— is burgeoning daily!


Our current vehicle of reach is via talent and oratorical platforms created to serve as a positive outlet while giving visibility to diverse art expressions; and through conversational forums erected to help our youth give voice to REAL issues they’re facing; ask question and expect to receive REAL answers.  Dialogue is everything, and our youth need positive and “safe” outlets to be heard!


This is our assignment! Our mission is to help S.O.Y.—Save Our Youth!


Telephone Conferences & Internet Radio

From the comfort and privacy of your home, or wherever you prefer to join us, be encouraged by informative formats on which a diversity of real life issues are addressed.  We want our participants and listeners to know that they are not alone, there is someone on the other end who cares, and there is hope!  We're on a mission and we're reaching right where you are!























"We're Touching Lives and Making Them Better One Life at a TIme!"

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