Meet the Visionary

Anita Russell, founder and CEO, mentor, motivational speaker, organizer and driving force, is enthusiastically, ardent and deeply impassioned about Born4Purpose—a comprehensible and powerfully impacting vehicle housing a diversity of approaches created to touch, inspire, motivate and encourage lives and make them better.

Born4purpose was birthed in an arid, unfulfilled place where Anita was convinced she was at the nadir of life. But ironicallly, it was in this place where she experienced a life-changing ephiphany; a wellspring that catapulted her from a place of uncertainty into a fertile space where this amazing, ever-burgeoning concept was born.  It is through this vision that Anita is compelled to encourage others to understand their worth, identify their purpose, and create a path to living their best life.























"We're Touching Lives and Making Them Better One Life at a TIme!"

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