Dion Evans - RMG Radio Talk Show Host

Anita Russell has dedicated her life to the continual advancement of women. Her cutting-edge conferences are a mainstay and beneficial at all stages of womanhood. He leadership style is second-to-none and she has the distinct ability to raise the conscience of people by asking the right questions. Anita is a thinker who makes those around her process their own thinking towards a beneficial action.

Pastor Inga Mork

Anita Russell is a woman of integrity and sound character. I have experienced her firstly in ministerial settings as a speaker for her organization and have been aside her colleagues offering support for her vision. She hears divinely and sees prophetically with the kind of insight that prevents harm and promotes healing. It is sufficient to say that her gifts proliferate throughout the community as God’s hand extended to the hurting, capable of making the kind of exchange that deposits joy for heaviness.  As a communicator and educator, Anita speaks with profound prose; her eternal mindedness sets her apart as a leader. Her ability to serve fills the gap for those less learned. Anita has the ability to fashion exemplary skill in the marketplace by extrapolating the strengths of her co-workers to be better on purpose.

Dr. Mark Clifton, Th.d, Educator & Pastor

Anita Russell has a passion for ministry that centers on helping individuals pursue their best life, regardless to setbacks they may have experienced along the way.  She is resourceful and reaches out to bring persons of various faith walks, ethnicities, and experience before audiences large and small, with the intent of imparting to attendees life-changing inspiration. I have personally hosted her “Purpose” forums and each time the audience was left in awe at the depth in information and inspiration they were able to glean. While her “Purpose” forums are front and center of what she does, it is only a portion of all she has to offer as a minister. Her non-judgmental grasp of complex life issues, sets her on the cutting edge of contemporary ministry.

Lenesha Toney, CEO - Women Who Win, Project Destiny and Daughters of Promise

Anita is a great asset to the Kingdom of Christ. Her love for souls and the family of God is evident in the tasks she undertakes, as she is always well prepared to make an impact.  I have seen many examples of her ministry talents and have long been impressed by her strong Christian character, diligence and ethics.  Anita has been both admired and respected by Women Who Win, Project Destiny and Daughters of Promise.

Donna Williams, Author, Radio Show Host

Anita as the founder and driving force behind the organization SIS Nation and The First Lady’s Heart, has one purpose and goal in mind, the encouragement, support and motivation of women from all walks of life. She seeks to inspire to excellence those women who may struggle with identity and self-esteem issues, (yes, even the pastor’s wife), issues that too often keep them in bondage to the adversity and challenges of their pasts. Anita is a visionary, one who sees beyond the moment to what can be. Robert Kennedy once said, “Some folks see things as they are and ask ‘Why?’” I see things as they could be and ask, ‘Why not’?” Ms. Russell is that individual who asks, “Why not?” Why not from low self-esteem to confidence? Why not from fear to courage? Why not from mediocrity to excellence? Why not from self-doubt to ministry? Though her ministry is diverse, it is not scattergun but very much focused on each part of the whole which is extraordinary and an example of her divinely inspired purpose.  The organization she spearheads will impact not only a current generation but her work will influence generations to come.




SIS-Sisters Inspiring Sisters’

"Long Live the Queen"

Nona Brown - Facilitator

Awesome! Awesome! Awesome! All the speakers were well matched with their selected topics. Hoping for continued success! It’s changing the lives of women!


The First Lady's Heart

Genea Brice


People’s Baptist Church

Please let me take this time to express my sincere gratitude for inviting me to the “The First Lady’s Heart”.  It was life-changing!  I have been profoundly touched and richly moved by the experience. You are being used to effect change in the lives of women everywhere and I was just glad to play some small part in it.  Again, thank you for the consideration, the invitation, and the accommodation.


Conference Call Ministries &

Co-Laboring in Ministry

Dr. Lakita D. Long, Ph.D

Inspiring You Ministries, Inc.

Born4Purpose Ministries is a ministry ran by a woman who desires to step completely outside of the box.  Her ability to get non-traditional speakers on board to share information that will help free and create an atmosphere of change is powerful and strategically purposed.  In every endeavor and interaction that I have had with Born4Purpose, I have seen nothing but excellence, discipline, and the desire for the organization to positively impact the community.  I expect nothing but more excellent seminars, and powerful ministry that will revolutionize everyone who hears and listens.


"The Ministry of Music"

Pastor Louis B. Spicer, Jr.

Ephesians Church of God in Christ

Thank you Anita Russell, for bringing the ministry of Born4Purpose, in the form of a Gospel Music Workshop on the Ministry of Music, to Ephesians Church of God in Christ of Richmond, California. The manifestation of God’s power and the administering gifts invested in you broke through barriers of traditional worship and advanced the congregants to a new level of worshipping. May the riches of God and his favor continue to be manifested through you as you minister to the world.



Pastor Jerone Davison

Harvest Family LIfe Center

Author of "The Spiritual Fragrance of a Woman, The Fragrance that Attracts the Right Man"

The Born4Purpose ministry team is awesome, organized and impactful! Anita Russell and her team are very respectful and Christ-centered. I can truly say that your church, ministry or conference will be totally blessed by having them.


“Living Life On Purpose" & “Walking In Your Purpose”

Vanessa Macklin

Glad Tidings Church of God in Christ

Born4Purpose Ministries’ presentations are powerful eye openers! It is a forum for all women to gain insight as well as healing. 


"Who Opened The Gate?"

Bishop Jason Newton Wright, Senior Pastor
New Destiny Worship Center

In a few words, Born4purpose Ministries is one of excellence and grace. I say this not only as an observant but as a participant as well. I have witnessed this ministry, on numerous occasions, present an anointed ministry style that leaves pastors, congregations, and individuals changed forever. Cutting edge would be too mild of a description to articulate the unique approach Born4purpose Ministries takes to minister to common problems.  If you want pure, life-changing ministry, Born4purpose is the exactly what you need. I put my seal of approval on Born4purpose.























"We're Touching Lives and Making Them Better One Life at a TIme!"

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